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My business manager, my partner

Every good business must be run by a good and sound manager. His or her goals must align with your own business philosophy, and it must be — in a sense — a good and sound marriage. It’s ironic that I bring up the reference of marriage because my business manager is none other than my husband.

With last Sunday being Father’s Day, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have my husband in my life and in my new business venture. The relationship obviously came before the house, the kid (our favorite client!) and the drive to settle as an independent capitalist. In fact, the new business venture came by his persistence and vision to see me succeed in anything I desired.

I am reminded of his dedication as a true business manager, every day. Either it’s from watching him tirelessly working through the development of my website, creating my business cards and being on hold with the Legal Zoom people to set up my LLC. His dedication to making my business a sound one is not only with these tangible elements but it also comes with an unconditional love and faith that exists in our marriage. The daily text messages of “love you” and “You are doing great” remind me that I am already a success in this marriage and in this business. With that kind of cheerleader in my court, how can I go wrong?

I don’t believe I would be where I am at today had it not for his encouragement, his faith in me and allowing me to take the chance, despite our need to pay the mortgage and the bills.

In fact, it was these liberties that encouraged me to take the plunge and leave my secure corporate job, despite it’s share of successes and position, and pursue my dream, thus allowing me to answer the question of “What if I was on my own?”

I think this is a true testament to marriage and the meaning of a partnership.  So with this post, I guess the message is to embrace your business and recall your moment of inspiration. Realize that your potential are with people who can see you for who you already are. Give yourself enough encouragement and love to move forward and always believe in yourself. Finally, put only the best people in your court and invest in the very best business manager (be it your spouse!) to keeping you shining through thick and thin.

 Thank you to my husband and Happy Belated Father’s Day!



My hubby with our little client. It’s hard work but we do our best to keep our clients happy.


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4 thoughts on “My business manager, my partner

  1. Congratulations for taking the huge leap and going into business for yourself. Your husband sounds like an amazing person. I can’t wait to hear more about what you are doing next.

  2. Neven on said:

    Congratulations for taking the huge leap and going into business for yourself. Your husband sounds like an amazing person. Can’t wait to hear more about your new project.

  3. Neven: Thanks so much! I am so happy for my family. This is really a special time for us all.

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