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My business manager, my partner

Every good business must be run by a good and sound manager. His or her goals must align with your own business philosophy, and it must be — in a sense — a good and sound marriage. It’s ironic that I bring up the reference of marriage because my business manager is none other than my husband.

With last Sunday being Father’s Day, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have my husband in my life and in my new business venture. The relationship obviously came before the house, the kid (our favorite client!) and the drive to settle as an independent capitalist. In fact, the new business venture came by his persistence and vision to see me succeed in anything I desired.

I am reminded of his dedication as a true business manager, every day. Either it’s from watching him tirelessly working through the development of my website, creating my business cards and being on hold with the Legal Zoom people to set up my LLC. His dedication to making my business a sound one is not only with these tangible elements but it also comes with an unconditional love and faith that exists in our marriage. The daily text messages of “love you” and “You are doing great” remind me that I am already a success in this marriage and in this business. With that kind of cheerleader in my court, how can I go wrong?

I don’t believe I would be where I am at today had it not for his encouragement, his faith in me and allowing me to take the chance, despite our need to pay the mortgage and the bills.

In fact, it was these liberties that encouraged me to take the plunge and leave my secure corporate job, despite it’s share of successes and position, and pursue my dream, thus allowing me to answer the question of “What if I was on my own?”

I think this is a true testament to marriage and the meaning of a partnership.  So with this post, I guess the message is to embrace your business and recall your moment of inspiration. Realize that your potential are with people who can see you for who you already are. Give yourself enough encouragement and love to move forward and always believe in yourself. Finally, put only the best people in your court and invest in the very best business manager (be it your spouse!) to keeping you shining through thick and thin.

 Thank you to my husband and Happy Belated Father’s Day!



My hubby with our little client. It’s hard work but we do our best to keep our clients happy.


Head shots…

This past weekend, I took my little girl with me to get new head shots for the business website. Our photographer and friend Julie Hill of Captured Memories Photography did the work. It had been some time since I had taken photos, probably almost 6 years to be exact! Despite the fact that I needed an updated one badly, I just never took the time to get a session together and had been hoping that my six-year photo could stretch for another 6 years.

At the urging of my work manager (aka the hubby) and my dear photographer friend, who gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse, it was time for me to get my photos done. I just couldn’t believe how extremely nervous I was with the initial set up. How would I position my business with just one photo, after all, it’s about me? Do I wear a corporate suit or jeans? Do I urge for a pretty landscape scene or just a plain backdrop? Do I go for something abstract, wholesome, professional or mommy’ish?

Then at last-minute, as I do quite often to help me come up with quick decisions, I chose to do a simple in-studio session because I wanted my little J to see Julie again in the cool A/C. It had been a while since they last met. Julie also brought little J back a T-shirt from visiting Roma (Rome) and I was eager for her to try it on.

It was the day of and I found myself scrummaging through the closet and grabbing a few dresses that people had commented on the past of “looking good” on me. Then as a back up I went to the best dress-for-less store in a jam, Ross and bought a few more options. Rarely, do I feel the need to go to the mall or spend so much $ on clothes when I could go for the kill at a discounted store. For the baby, that’s a different story but the pressure was on that I needed to go and shop for my professional photos.

We arrived safely but a bit late to the studio. Of course, having bought some time putting my hair and make up together in-between stop light pauses and in the parked car for a few minutes longer.  When we arrived, we were welcomed by my photographer friend and did a few practice shots on the large white background. My little J kept grabbing mommy’s legs and looking up at Julie and her camera. All she wanted was some attention from her mommy and that’s when the magic happened.

She, so in tuned with being in the moment, as most toddlers do, began to embrace the camera. Of course, Julie was a great supporter of this, suggesting a few photos to be taken here and there and stealing as many shots of her as possible.  We took a few head shots for me but then quickly resigned the fact that the “business” part of the business session was over as I had so much fun taking in the moment with my little one. I was mesmerized with seeing how her little character was developing right in front of the camera lens. She wasn’t shy with giving mommy a kiss on the lips or hugging mommy’s face or peacefully laying on the ground, as if looking into space. I was simply glowing at the fact that the camera warmly embraced my little girl. I forgot how this session made me so nervous hours before and it became a wonderful mommy-and-baby moment.

This was even more special than I could ever imagine and in fact, my thought is to make a collage of our mommy-and-baby session as a surprise Daddy’s day gift from his two favorite girls.

So I guess as a take away to this lesson in life — it’s a cliche, but it’s so appropriate and true — sometimes you gotta just go with the flow and seize the moment. I’m so happy I did.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.


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