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Working from home…

The concept of working from home was foreign to me until recently. I had always heard from freelancers and mommies about finding magical places like cybercafes to blog at and to get their work assignments done.

Hence, my truly first destination, the Wifi cafe at Panera Bread! With the assurance of my husband sitting right across from me, I am typing away on my laptop and am chewing on my chocolate chip bagel (to die for BTW!). My mission is to get all work accomplished by 2 p.m. so that I have the opportunity to pick up my little JJ at part-time daycare and take her to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

All of a sudden, I feel at ease with myself in this new freelance world and do have one assurance that yes, there are perks with going off on your own and “working from home”.  Before this new adventure, I didn’t have the luxury to “work from home” nor have the time to take my little one to the doctor. Plus, I didn’t have the time to eat Ham & Swiss souffle with my dear hubby on his well-deserved day off, which happens to fall on a Thursday.

Life is good. Thanks for letting me share with experience with you all.


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