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Be Calm, Goodbye 2015

It’s another year coming to an end, and as a PR mommy, I think the biggest thing I want to reflect on is that no matter what side of the grass you are on, it always seems greener. There is a tendency for working moms to think that life would be so much easier if they had the chance to take off at any time to be with their kids. Or to host that romantic notion that you can take care of your kids home alone. It’s doable, but really hard.

By nature, you give it your all but sometime you have to learn what your limitations are and learn to just let things go.

I work from home, but am five minutes from my kids daycare and school. I choose to be there for the big and little things, e.g. parent’s day, without having to ask for permission. I absolutely love the option of being able to pick them up early or pick a day to take them to the doctors without worrying about how much leave I have to leave!

So to reflect, I gratefully accept that I am PR work mommy who sacrifices a lot for her job, kids and home but I need to give myself some slack and be ok that there isn’t enough time to excel, that just being able to accept the fact that I am living a lifestyle that I have chosen should be good enough. I need to give myself slack with finding that delicate balance to try and find more time to play with the kids or work harder to please my clients. And I need to be ok with finding more time for me to just relax and stay calm.

My message for 2015 is love your kids, be humble for your projects and clients and not be afraid to call the shots on how much time you deserve for you.

Be Calm



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