This PR Mommy

Balancing kids, family and PR work.


Hi there, I am a mommy and PR freelancer. In 2012, I decided to leave my full time corporate job to play my hands at being a full time and successful PR freelancer and more importantly being there for my almost 2-year old daughter. Four years later, I decided to add to the party with the birth of my son who shares the same birthday hour (one day later) with his big sissy.

On my journey is my loving husband Omy crazy old school Mexican mother-in-law (MIL) and my Tejano proud dad. If it’s not my MIL, it’s my dad who stays with us and the kids. Co-grand parenting gives us that extra layer of fun (all the time!).

We are an American family on a mission for me to succeed in the ultimate American dream.


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