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Have you ever gained a valuable life lesson from simply doing your job?

It’s easy to think of this in terms of business, but what I’m talking about is really, truly learning a valuable life lesson.

As part of my profession, I have worked with many different clients and people, and it’s routine to evaluate “what did I learn from this experience?”.

These past few months, my work experiences have really run deep within me, as I have had the pleasure of learning about healthy eating and fitness. Most recently, I dabbled in blog monitoring for a healthy fitness challenge reading comments from those competing, learning about their many sacrifices and their desire to be thinner. At first, I couldn’t help but think that’s a common thread within all of us to want to be a size smaller but that’s not the whole story. After experiencing or following their experiences, I discovered that some people needed to stay healthy to keep medication at bay. Others wanted to be able to run a 5K or to simply be able to keep up with their children and grand children. By the end of the fitness journey, I really felt like they changed my entire way of thinking, with regards to healthy eating, for the better, and I can’t thank them enough.

Since working with these folks, I have found myself counting calories on MyFitness Pal and reading the food labels. I also started cooking and eliminating bad habits like eating past 8 p.m. I have also thought twice about the food I feed my young daughter. Let’s face it though, she’s two and I can’t change everything but I’m trying. For now though, ketchup will have to be considered a vegetable.

Turkey Panini

But seriously, I think now about what I’m eating, how much I’m eating and encouraging myself to make a positive change for my family and for the better.

Have you ever had an “a-ha” moment that you contribute to your job? This PR mommy would love to know.


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