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Balancing kids, family and PR work.

Visiting the CPA

Alaskan Cruise

I recently had an appointment with my new CPA regarding my business and it made me reflect back on the many successes I’ve had with keeping my entreprenuer’s dream alive.

In fact, we had such a good year that we have decided to use some of our savings for a family trip to see grandma so that the hubby and I can take an Alaskan cruise vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

The fact that it has almost been a year makes me feel like I can definitely give this a go for at least another year, and that’s the goal. Believe me the waves of uncertainty are certainly there, with the highs and lows but right now, I can truly say I’m happy with the choice I’ve made. I am feeling super blessed to have my family and friends supporting me and clients who believe in me.  



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