This PR Mommy

Balancing kids, family and PR work.

Why the blog?

Well, I just quit my full time corporate job to play my hands at being a full time and successful PR freelancer. Do I have anything to lose? Tons but with faith and a strong supporting family, I have decided to head on this journey while I am still young enough to say that I tried.

On my journey with me is my loving husband, almost 2-year-old daughter and my crazy old school Mexican mother-in-law who loves to be a part of the conversation (all the time!). Yes, we are an American family on a mission for me to succeed in the ultimate American dream.

Can I do it? Who knows but I’m on this journey to find out. I’m giving myself two years to make it happen. Afterwards, I can say that I tried with no sense of regret or loss of what could have happened, if I had just done that.


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